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Sushmita is a 550-hour certified Yoga teacher from KYM and a level 2 Reiki healer. She has guided students for more than 4 years in the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation, helping them cultivate mental clarity and inner peace. She creates a supportive and empowering environment in her classes, making all her students feel welcome and valued


Rhea is a 300-hour certified yoga teacher and an aspiring psychologist. She takes a unique breath-focused approach to her teaching, fostering mindfulness and inner serenity. During her teaching experience in the past 3 years. Rhea has guided several yoga practitioners on their path to becoming the very best versions of themselves, one breath at a time

Benefits of Yoga​

Yoga holds paramount importance in our daily lives, offering a harmonious blend of physical and mental benefits. Beyond enhancing flexibility and strength, yoga cultivates mindfulness, reduces stress, and promotes emotional balance.

Its adaptable nature makes it accessible to individuals of all fitness levels, emphasizing its role as a crucial tool for maintaining overall well-being amidst the demands of modern life.

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