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Deliver digital health solutions that promote physical and mental health across the world’s socio-geo-demographic boundaries.

Values we live by



Collaborting with leading health care and yoga institutes to provide best in class solutions curated for indiviual.


Passion for results

Helping our customers achieve the data driven real results and find the true meaning of healthy lifestyle


Thrive for Consistency

Perfection is a Myth and Consistency is the truth. Progress on a daily basis to see a drastic change and success in all areas of life.

Our team of experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Our Expert Trainers

Rich experienced fitness, therapy and nutrition trainers will help you in every step of your transformation journey.

Leadership Team

Making it easy for you to access success in the comfort of your home. Saving your time to get it done the right way.


Muralidhar Somisetty

Founder and CEO (East)
Yoga and Tech Evangelist with 20+ year of product management and technology experience.


Vinod Ajjarapu

Co-founder and CEO (West)
Yoga and Sports Enthusiast with 20+ years of business and sales experience.


Sankar Dasiga

Co-founder and CTO
Yoga and Tech Enthusiast with 25+ years of technology and academic experience.

our Business Advisors

Ulla Koivukoski

Avnish Sabharwal

Sonali Sambhus

Chandan Chatterjee

Awards & Recognition

CES 2020 Innovation award
Startup of the year award

Our Innovative Solutions


Smart Yoga Mat

A holistic approach to learning yoga from anywhere and anytime.

YogiFi is a smart yoga that helps your learn yoga from expert trainers across the world with the help of innovative AI technology.

You will learn all the asanas included with the step by step guidance and real time tracking with subtle feedback.


Therapy Programs

Diabetes Management Program

Science-backed program to manage your blood glucose level by reducing the intake of medications.

Weight Loss Program

Science backed program helps you lose weight and manage with the help of accountability partner.

Research-backed results built to help you thrive.

Discover science-backed therapy programs for diabetes and weight loss.

Research-backed Yoga Therapy programs in partnership with S-VYASA, a world-renowned Yoga University and pioneer in Yoga research for over 40 years.

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